Changing how your world works, one task at a time.

Back in 2015, we imagined a world where getting shit done - everything from tedious admin tasks to complex marketing campaigns - would bean easy, flexible, and super affordable thing to do. A world where you could snap a finger and have talented wizards who love what they do, work for you...but only when you need them.

Turns out...that world didn't exist yet. So we created it from scratch, with love, from a basement in Atlanta, GA.

The Biz Genie team is so blessed to see that wish is now a thriving reality and our acclaimed Biz Genie service has been used by dozens of female entrepreneurs all over the world - and we are now a mighty team of four.

Our team is led by #femmeboss Letitia Elizabeth, who started her first business at 19, and by 22 grew it to a fashion publishing empire selling publications on newsstands around the world, from Melbourne to Tokyo.



Meet The Founder

Letitia Elizabeth



Common sense won’t accomplish great things. Simply become insane and desparate.
— Lord Naoshige

Well, I was! Very desparate that is.


Here are things you've probably been told is a must-do or should-do by gurus and experts of the day:

  • Start a blog with epic content marketing and then promote the hell out of it
  • Post 5-12 times per day on several social media accounts in the perfect time zone for your ideal customers
  • Have opt-in boxes with lead magnets that you create + design then send them to your email list at least 3x a week
  • Create gorgeous and meticulously well crafted branding design assets even though you don't know what colors look good together, plus never set foot in design school
  • Attend conferences and networking events + look like the ultimate personal brand
  • Keep tabs on conversion rate optimization and SEO trends that are innovative and full of A/B tests (what the heck are those anyway!) that will continually bring you more profit and new clients without even trying, though it takes a ton of effort
  • Don't just dip your toe in the pond, but fully submerge in the world of Influencer Marketing and create spreadsheets upon spreadsheets of who your top industry influencers are, then send them personalized emails asking for their cooperation and support


Are you exhausted yet? Because, wait! There's more.

Ok, ok, we will stop there. I'm sure you just landed on this website after reading 5 articles, 3 books, took 4 email courses, and have 30 browser tabs open anyway. So no need to delve in further. #amiright

I believe that every female founder can live a life of holistic freedom, and I work hard to give boss ladies like you that chance - by providing proven productivity hacks and a support system second to none.

Even though I was building something else extraordinary, colleagues and fellow founders noticed improvements in my business and began asking for advice + tips. I became their unofficial coach. Imagine my surprise when little 'ol me who went to design school and majored in journalism was slowly turning into a mentor. Business coaching was never part of the plan!

After doing a little coaching here, and advising there, along with sharing my outsourcing + delegation success stories, followers and fans alike started urging me to provide those lessons learned as a service. I dismissed the idea at first, but it began to grow on me.

Good Lord! What if all those years ago there was someone telling me the incredible value and importance of delegation, outsourcing, and support teams when I first started in business? I would have saved an insurmountable amount of money, time, and frustration; not to mention achieved my business goals so much faster. What if this also wasn't just advice, but an actual service...set it and forget, it if you will.

No longer desperate, and purely out of curiosity, a sprinkling of generosity, and sheer determination to not let the same futile efforts happen to other female entrepreneurs, I acted on the impulse and the result was version 1.0 of Biz Genie. I would love to humbly brag and say it was slow at first, but the humble truth is, the reception left me floored.

Women were becoming members of Biz Genie left and right. At that time, the only ones who didn't sign up were the ones who thought it was way too good to be true and sought to find out what the catch was! Over time, I used the feedback to improve our offerings, and with each new tweak + update this small side project was clearly taking over my main focus at the time - the first and only friendship matchmaking app for entrepreneurial women. Since I didn't want to abandon my ethos and strong belief that women should come together for friendship and support, I left the networking component of our service intact, then focused on developing the unlimited virtual assistance which any women with a business or project in need of a support team could rely on and afford.

I no longer need to be advised on how incredibly life-changing delegation and outside support is to a soloprenuer, but receiving emails and letters every week from women I admire is definitely the most rewarding experience to bring this all full circle.

I would love for a similar success story to happen for you.

Will YOU join us? 



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Kathy Campbell

Kathy Campbell is the resident Unicorn Sidekick in Biz Genie Headquarters. She uses her magical skills of organization and inspiration to help small businesses grow. When she isn’t being a unicorn, she is raising her daughter and taking care of her disabled husband in the beautiful state of Oregon. | @mrssoup

Shamira Azlan


Shamira Azlan is an entrepreneur in every sense of the word - right down to her education. With a background in Marketing within event planning and startups, she has built a client base around the gig economy, helping entrepreneurs like her succeed and stay on track with their goals. Shamira has an extensive skill-set including Adobe Creative Suite, strategic planning, ConvertKit, Wordpress, and stays up to date with the ever growing world of available programs and apps for entrepreneurs.

In her free-time (or what's left of it) she frequents Les Mis Body Pump and Barre classes, but also enjoys cozying up with a book to wind down.