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    Female friendships are totally underrated. Who else will meet you for a hike at the crack of dawn without complaining, or walk your dog for you after a bad breakup leaves you disabled? Who else inspires your motivation for better health and has the best accountability built in? A girl friend does all of that and more! FEMMEBOSS is a community of like-minded women that motivate and inspire each other to meet in the real world and create empowering bonds.

    this is what isolation can do to us:

    this is how femmeboss combats isolation:

    • connection

    • community
    • holistic wellbeing
    • accountability
    • prayer
    • friendship
    • vulnerability
    • truth slangin' story sharing
    • anxiety
    • depression
    • moodiness
    • socially anxious
    • extreme introversion
    • loneliness
    • disease

    Mobile App

    Finally, a friend finder app for go-getting women like you. Download the Femmeboss app after you purchase a FRIEND MATCH and make new friends instantly.

    Judgement-free zone

    Bowling shoes at work is weird. Craving deep connections with fellow humans? So not weird! Unfortunately having a lack of amazing close friends is the new normal. So stop hiding. We got you. 



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    One-to-one matchmakng

    Receive customized one-to-one friend matchmaking with someone who shares your interests, life goals, creative endeavors, motivation for overall wellbeing, plus good 'ol fashion talking on the phone!


    Our vision for FEMMEBOSS is to empower self-made women to achieve work-life balance and build purposeful friendships + communities in which together we can connect, collaborate, mentor, and be inspired.

    Through our products, we create transformational experiences for women to pursue their work, passions, ideas, and healthiest best self. Our popup spaces and members community help manifest this in the spirit of a nourishing retreat. We like to call it a workation!

    Nothing means more to you than your personal journey to success - we get that. But sometimes, you have a moment to yourself in stillness, silence, and isolation... where you dream of a community built upon inclusion... one that is welcoming to all who believe in non-judgemental support, empathy, and the creation of meaningful work. 


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