T H I S   I S   G E N I E



The Biz Genie 24/7 virtual support assistant...your little secret weapon



Your pocket virtual assistant.

At your beck and call 24/7.



Biz Genie is a dedicated virtual assistance service for growing female founders and freelancers. You are supported tackling small, yet important tasks, so that you can focus on sales and growth.

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As your personal GENIE, let me empower you to sail through creative projects or build your business without worrying about menial daily tasks. You get 24/7 access to the world's best assistants for advice, support, and small tasks.


T H I S   I S  H O W  I T  W O R K S

send in the task you would like researched

wait for me to work my magic

plan your free time or conquer your high level to-dos

voila! I'll message you when the task is completed



With 24/7 access to me as your highly skilled concierge taking care of your daily tasks, where will you spend your newfound time?

Every month, I'm hard at work on an unlimited list of tasks that you can delegate to me anytime, from anywhere, right on the Biz Genie mobile app. I will handle anything you can think of, from marketing to editing, social media to family meal planning, design or research, even email management, travel arrangements, and gifting. 


Getting started is so easy, it feels so good...like a new pair of shoes


Simply tell us what task you'd love to get off your plate

We'll match you to your perfect new Genie in lightning speed

Now relax, because it's wine-o-clock somewhere and you just carved out free time!


Have a question? Want to speak to someone? (other than your cat)

For friendly help and advice call us at 1-800-340-2103


Recently, members have asked Genie...


"Genie, what are all the yoga teaching positions currently available in Melbourne as listed on local hiring sites?"

"I´m looking for Autism youth center leads in Los Angeles that offer or are open to providing art and music lessons"

"What are the benefits of platonic touch and cuddling? Send me 20 articles on the topic"

"I need a list of all the women's chamber of commerce in the southwest US, all podcasts for women entrepreneurs in the App Store, and the top 40 Facebook groups for my industry"


"Can you research a list of nonprofit grants for art and social justice projects?"

"What are the links to every single interview and podcast that Dr. Bruske has appeared on in the last 2 years?"

"Create a spreadsheet of aircraft operating costs that compares twin-engined to business jets and lists fuel cost per gallon as well as pilot annual salary"



"Create a list of 10-30 conferences in 2017 that focus on innovation and technology"

"What is the process of replacing a lost PO Box key and send me 3 reliable, well-reviewed services for expedited US passport services"

"I need a list of a dozen rental homes in St. Barth's that can accommodate 8 sophisticated women"

"What are the best blog theme for November and December in the health coaching industry?"

"Genie, where are the best places to source stock images of diverse women for a WOC brand?"

"I need a list of keywords that will position me as a thought leader in the sugar detoxing industry for my health coaching practice"

"Can you tell me the name of all the farms within a 30 mile radius of my home?"


"What are the most upbeat top 40 songs for a women's retreat?"

"What would be the best local and national orgs to contact for event sponsorship if I am on the planning committee for Sexual Education Conference?"

"Genie, I need the best 30 minute meals for a family of 4 where one of them is Paleo and the rest are vegetarian"


Get a sharp and efficient Genie to research anything you need

Turbo charge everything you do. As your Genie, I will effortlessly come up with market trends for your new business launch, find you competitors or influencers plus all their contact information, add more magic to your home life with healthy recipe ideas or vacation plans, order the very best tools and products to help your projects run smoother, and much more.

With the number of things you impressively knock out of the park, friends and competitors will think you're super human.

Trust me, I understand. Your to do list is a mile long but you only have so many hours in a day. You’re doing your best to juggle work and home life, making sense of new concepts and technology, but researching the how-to's of every little thing takes longer than the project itself! Let me handle your never-ending daily tasks, so you can spend time expanding your creative projects and living your best life. 

Every singleone of my fellow Genie virtual assistants are exceptionally qualified. They are thoroughly screened and vetted by the hundreds - only the crème de la crème who showcase deep business experience and passion to support soloprenuers or small teams are chosen, narrowing it down to only a handful.


Our dedicated, premium Genies perform a wide range of critical business support services.

Once each Genie is hand picked and pass rigorous tests, they are invited to become a Biz Genie like me. As part of the team, my fellow Genies are meticulously trained even further before they ever work with you, ensuring you have nothing less than a super hero on your team because we treat your projects and business like we would our own.


You're supported every step of the way

I know how overwhelming it must be to venture into the unknown. You are growing and becoming more successful at what you do, but its time for help. It must be scary to be suffocated by all the options that come with trying out virtual assistant services for the first time, building trust, and mastering the art of delegation without feeling like you have to micromanage. As your partner in crime, I will do my best to be the most supportive Genie! Along with my bosses at the top, we will take care of you every step of the way. We are never more than an email, text, or phone call away.


Start by sending your first task