Custom Friend Match

Custom Friend Match


The first and only community app for you to meet like-minded women. No swiping. No endless messages or scheduling. Just awesome friend dates with your future bestie! You ready?


Fostering female friendship can be a challenge as we grow older or move away from our childhood homes. Maybe you just got married and all your friends are single, or you just got divorced and need some positive women around you. Maybe your besties moved away after school, or a new career path has brought you to uncomfortable social settings in a new city. We know how lonely it can be to miss the support of amazing women in your life. Femmeboss can help you find and connect with those women.


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Do what you like when you like. Whether yoga after a hike or coffee and business collabing!


Don't lift a finger, we do all the matching and meetup scheduling for you!


How Friend Matching Works:

  • After purchase you will be granted access to the Femmeboss app to fill out your Match request form. 

  • Within 7 days of your purchase, you will receive an email connecting you to a gal pal whose interests, values, and schedule are similar to yours.

  • Our friend date concierge email will introduce you to each other as well as suggest a time, place and location for your friend date. You will receive a follow up a week later to see how it went. We cannot guarantee an in-person meeting, but will work with you to make sure you are satisfied.  

  • All members are invited to Femmeboss events to enjoy group settings as well.

  • Submitting the Match Request form will sign you up for our Femmeboss newsletter which you can unsubscribe from anytime. 


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