Femmeboss Memberships

Femmeboss Memberships


You feel like you've done everything you're supposed to ... you have the family, career, and a home to come to at the end of a long day. But you feel isolated and confused why you don't have more genuine close relationships in the real world as much as you do online. You make lofty goals with no follow through and want to take baby steps socially yet don't prioritize time to do them yet you still want to find your tribe, and be a part of non-judgmental community that makes you feel purposeful. You wish that this would fall out of thin air or be placed on a SilverPlatter so that the idea isn't so intimidating or overwhelming especially as an introvert or socially anxious. Enter Femmeboss.


*The Femmeboss mobile app, membership, and all experiences is worldwide. Feel free to join as a member no matter where you are located. Help us share the love + spread the word!*

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Femmeboss membership includes:

  • Premium mobile app account for exploring + messaging members
  • Unlimited custom friend matching service + friend date concierge
  • Exclusive early access to upcoming events, travel retreats, and more!