Become An Affiliate

Do you have an audience of thriving female entrepreneurs and small business founders who struggle keeping up with their fast-paced growth, smaller budgets, and low tech abilities? Offer them the Biz Genie unlimited round-the-clock support, virtual assistance, and pocket business coach experience for only $100 per month.

As an affiliate, you will earn $25 USD / month per customer you refer.

That's an extra $1,250 in your pocket for every 50 members who join that you refer!



Why Promote Biz Genie

Here are just a few reasons you might want to promote Biz Genie to your audience or clients:

  • If you have an audience of new or soon to be launching entrepreneurs, you probably get asked all the time for resources or help on high-level tasks and you don’t have a reliable place to send them to get support or answers to pressing questions about their market. 
  • Our customers love us, so you know we will look after anyone you refer to us.
  • We don’t offer a free trial. When someone signs up to Biz Genie, you get paid. It’s as simple as that. So don't worry about the 95% or so of signups who don’t eventually become customers after trials end.
  • We offer a recurring revenue source so as long as someone stays a customer you get paid every month (for up to 12 months).




  • We pay out referral commissions once the payout figure gets over $100 (i.e. we don’t bother ourselves or you with the accounting hassle of small micro payments but once the payout gets to $100 you get paid).
  • Our affiliate system is Gumroad. If you sign up using the form below, once approved you will be given a login to the system where you can keep track of your account.
  • Applications are strictly by approval only. We don’t accept everyone and we are specifically looking for vocal, passionate ambassadors who believe in pushing female founders to their best potential.
  • We will pay up to 12 months commission per customer.

How To Be An Affiliate

Some great ways to get started as an affiliate in our program include:

  • Put banners and links on your site (samples provided after you are approved).
  • Notify your email list about the service and use an affiliate link.
  • Test out the service and write a review on your site and/or blog.
  • Get the founders on your site for a guest post or an interview.
  • Chat to the founders about doing a webinar (apply below and mention it in the comments).

We are particularly keen on promoting the service in a way that helps women in business, so anything you can think of that achieves that, we will support!



We don’t accept everyone as an affiliate. The process is simple. Fill out the form below with as much detail as you can. From there, we will check out your site and decide if it is a good fit. If so, we will send you through the details. We only reply back if we decide to go ahead, but you can always contact us if you want more feedback.


Apply now!

If you wish to apply please fill in the form below by clicking Apply Here. If you have any questions feel free to contact us or chat to us on the live chat below.